Aaron Herkovitch
Full Name:

Aaron Herkovitch

  • Sculptor
  • Spy

Aaron Herkovitch is a sculptor who meets British agent Jonathan King, the man believed by most to be the father of Colin King, during a show in Japan in 1960. Because of Aaron’s relationship with Jonathan, Webnet approaches him and forces him to become one of their agents.

Aaron quickly becomes a double agent, and, under orders from Augustus Silkowski, he seduces Jessica Alcott, the wife of Neville Alcott, who he then betrays. Though Augustus promises Aaron that Jessica will not be hurt, when Neville tries to bluff him, he executes her.

Aaron eventually has a crisis of conscience and confesses his involvement with Webnet, the Mossad, the I.R.A., and others. When Aaron requests that Ninjak guard him, Colin grants him his demand in order to learn more about his father from him.

Shortly, Colin discovers that Webnet hired Sister Serenity and her boys to terminate Aaron, but before they are able to do so, he is poisoned with cyanide and dies immediately. After Colin stops Serenity's boys, he discovers that Aaron’s killer is Jonathan Rourke, an undercover IRA agent.

Following Aaron’s death, Colin learns that he had been both the player and the played when he discovers that Aaron was a triple agent. Initially, a strike against Augustus made Aaron an agent for Webnet, but then the Mossad got Webnet off his back in exchange for information about a Russian defense system. In the end, however, Aaron became involved with the IRA.

Once Ninjak brings Rourke to justice, Aaron, with any luck, can rest easily.

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