Abigail Sawyer
Full Name:

Abigail Sawyer








The Carboni Crime Family

When rumor spreads that he has lost his edge following an altercation with Aric Dacia, Benito Carboni hires Abigail Sawyer to assassinate Aric to maintain his hold on his empire and to protect his reputation.

Posing as the CEO of Zimmerman Enterprises, Abigail visits Orb Industries during their Christmas party and flirts with Aric, who invites her to a private meeting in his office. After she spikes Aric’s eggnog with a drug that renders him unconscious, Abigail places a bomb wrapped as a present on his lap and runs away.

After Ken Clarkson is able to get Aric inside his Manowar Class Armor, the Good Skin revives him and tells him about the bomb. Upset, Aric chases Abigail’s helicopter and tosses the bomb at it. As Aric flies away, the bomb detonates and the explosion apparently kills Abigail.

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