Alexandré Darque
Full Name:

Alexandré Darque



Known Relatives:
  • Aram Anni–Padda(father?)
  • Andromeda (mother?)
  • Sandria Darque (sister?)
  • Immortality
  • Magic Tattoos

He Can Suck A Man’s Soul Into Himself

A man as mysterious as his past, Darque may or may not be the son of the immortal Aram Anni–Padda and his wife Andromeda. What we do know is that he is an immortal who has held many jobs in his lifetime, from physician, to missionary, to assassin, and finally photographer, his last known obsession.

A supernatural favor broker and shadowy consultant to the rich and famous, Alexandré is guided by a vision of the future gained through a gilded crown powered by a powerful herb that revealed his role in the start of a new universe created as the result of the collision of two disparate realities.

Alexandré Darque is a trickster, an old soul born hundreds of years ago whose purpose is to make certain the Deadside forces do not cross over into the temporal plane. Consuming the life force of chosen individuals strengthens him, but there is a drawback to his feasting.

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