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When Juan Caldone, the late 20th Century host of the Immortal Enemy places a 10 million dollar bounty on Bloodshot, he hires the enigmatic mercenaries Diana, Laws, Oyama, and Tex to hunt him down and exterminate him.

Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Tex was more deliberate than his counterparts were, and held back to observe Bloodshot in action against Oyama and Diana. Tex then decided against engaging Bloodshot and became a "double agent" to help him fellow mercenary Laws, who defeated the traitorous Tex.

After Bloodshot saved him, Tex revealed that had been working as a "triple agent" and had Caldone’s confidence all along. When Tex set a trap to lure him into a building laced with plastique, Bloodshot escaped with help from Clay McHenry, the Geomancer.

Tex's final whereabouts remain unknown.

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