Amber Finn
Full Name:

Amber Finn


Fenris Group (former member)


Can transform into a genetically modified pseudo-werewolf

Amber Finn is a member of the Fenris Group, an organization that is dedicated to bring about the fall of society to rebuild the world that is to come after.

Filthy Lucre

One of the Fenris schemes involved destroying the stability of the world banking system. Their accomplice in this was a banker named J.L. Tully, who transferred the total balance of Petterman's Bank to a private account of his own, instead of into the Fenris' account. This angered the Fenris leaders and they dispatched the Wolf Pack, a group of genetically modified warriors who could assume the shape of werewolves.

Tully was living large on his newfound wealth when the Fenris agent, Amber Finn, caught his attention in Monte Carlo and would have killed him had it not been for the timely intervention of Gilad Anni-Padda, an enemy of the Fenris Group since its inception in World War II.


Amber Finn transforming into her Wolf form

In Rio de Janeiro, Finn made a second attempt at Tully , who offered to share his acquired wealth with her if she would let him live. She agreed, and the two became unlikely allies. The Fenris League, outraged at Finn's betrayal, ordered her death.

All events came to a head on Finn's yacht: Finn, Tully, Abrams, and Edward Brisbane were about to determine their collective fates when the Wolf Pack attacked. Gilad was able to defeat them in combat and led the efforts to evacuate the boat before explosives that Fenris members planted onboard exploded. Gilad asked Finn if she might consider coming over to his side, but she refused his offer and confessed that she found him personally attractive and mused what might have been between the two of them. Pausing only long enough for a kiss, Finn dived off the side of the boat. Her final fate remains a mystery.

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