Papa Juju (on the right)
Full Name:

Andre Maurice Jubert

  • Papa Juju
  • Slammer Jubert
  • Biochemist
  • Drug dealer
  • Self-professed Voodoo Priest


Date of Birth:

December 19th, 1951

Date of Death:


Place of Birth:

Baton Rouge, LA

Andre Jubert graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University with a PhD in Biochemistry. Eventually, he found his way to New Orleans and adopted moniker of "Papa Juju" moniker, a drug dealer who sells a drug of his own making that the press has dubbed "Bloofer". A blend of amphetamine and tetrodotoxin, Bloofer induces a death-like state that lasts approximately three days, after which the user regains consciousness and becomes a bit more compliant.

The Blood Is The Life

After Bloodshot met Ayisha in New Orleans while trying to discover the pusher for Bloofer they became lovers. After realizing that Ayisha was linked to Papa Juju, Bloodshot discovered that she was the mysterious "vampire killer" who had left victims in New Orleans and throughout Europe.

After Papa Juju exposed him to pure tetrodotoxin and paralyzed him for approximately four hours, Bloodshot regained mobility and awoke in a coffin next to Ayisha, who Papa Juju had killed with a stake that he drove through her heart. After Bloodshot escaped, he went after Papa Juju.

During the battle, Bloodshot shot a propane tank that bursts into blames and severely burned Papa Juju as well as exposed him to tetrodotoxin, which paralyzed him except for one finger.

Assuming him dead, the coroner performed an autopsy while Papa Juju remained fully conscious but unable to communicate his condition to anyone. Juju died when the coroner removed his brain for examination.

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