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Angelique D'Terre
Full Name:

Angelique D'Terre






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Duchess Angelique D’Terre is a Geomancer living in France during the 17th Century.

The Musketeers

Foreseeing the coming of the French Revolution and the great bloodshed it would cause, Duchess D’Terre and Gilad Anni-Padda entered into a scheme to avert the revolution that involved tricking his two brothers into assisting her into placing the King’s brother upon the throne.

When Angelique and Gilad discovered that the King’s brother was a despot and tyrant who would do far worse things to France, Gilad killed him and restored the rightful King.

Angelique’s use of Gilad’s brothers widened the rift between them and Gilad.

The Geomancers’ Line of Succession


17th Century AD

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