Armorines Armor

Armorines Armor


Alien/Human Technological Hybrid



The Armorines Armors are proto-type battle-suits built by the US Government.


Armorines M.O.D.S. Helmet

As the range of human perception is too limited to adequately cope with the demands of a modern battlefield, the armor incorporates the latest in Virtual Reality imaging with its Multi-Optics Display System.

This includes infrared, light amplification mode, and other image enhancement technologies, information fed to a direct satellite-link up to the Armorines’ computers, which interpret all the data and give it back as a detailed artificial image that replaces conventional sight.

The information is translated into a video image that is then projected directly into the soldier’s eyes.

Power Augmentation

A layer bonded to the armor gives it enhanced strength and speed.

Armorines Camouflage

Due to its photo–reactive carapace, in low light conditions, the armor’s surface darkens. Conversely, when exposed to light, the suit reacts accordingly. In essence, the armor’s appearance is constantly adjusting to accommodate its environment.

Armorines Jet Pack

A latter addition to the Armorines arsenal, these retractable blades and engines allow the Armorines to become an aerial threat.

Weapons System

Armorines Ion Cannon

20 MGHZ Ion Cannons mounted on the left gauntlet energized separately from the suit by a capacitor ejection system, a belt that feeds charged capacitors into the underside of the wrist carapace.

As the charge is used, the system ejects the capacitor like a spent shell. The belt is stored in a back–mounted drum that holds 500 capacitors in five mini–clips.

Armorines Harpoon

The battle suit come equipped with a harpoon.

Armorines Protective Field Generator

Located 0.01 inches beyond the surface layer of the armor, this field is usually gas permeable, but it can be set to solid at the cost of additional energy.

Armorines Ion–Charged Blade

Mounted on the forearm, this retractable blade is particularly effective for close quarters combat.

Laser Cutter

The laser cutter mounted on the helmet functions more as a tool than a weapon.

Armorines Particle Beam Cannon

A high velocity particle beam capable of yielding devastating results, the only drawback to this weapon is that it cannot be fired more than once every few minutes without risking circuit meltdown.

Additional Equipment

The armors also come equipped with a trauma kit that hold antibiotics, pain killers, and the like.