Augustus Silkowski
Full Name:

Augustus Silkowski


Dr. Silk


Head of Webnet



Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:


Known Relatives:

Charlie Silkowski (father, deceased)



In 1977, Augustus Silkowski, a graduate of Harvard medical school with a postdoctoral fellow from Salk Institute in La Jolla, Cal, was a primary partner in Comsat Industries, a company formed with Dr. Marcus Bodine that tendered public offerings after its rapid expansion two years later.

In 1983, Augustus became the sole survivor of an explosion that killed six others and left him with a facial deformity, which was a symptom of a degenerative syndrome that would lead to his paralysis and robbed him of all sense of morality. Two years later, Marcus allegedly committed suicide after he lost control of Comsat to Augustus, who turned it into Webnet, an organization that deals with illegal activities in technical, industrial, and financial institutions worldwide that he uses to manipulate human lives and destroy international finances.

Since the destruction of the Weaponeer Organization, Augustus’ only obstacle has been Ninjak, whose incredible intelligence begs for the challenge that Augustus has proven to be. These two adversaries initiate a global game of chess, with human lives as their pawns. Though Augustus has yet to determine Ninjak's identity, he vowed to destroy him.

Following the fall of Webnet and his imprisonment in rural Virginia, Augustus helps Special Agent Catherine Sergeant of the NSA perform a few alterations to a super-collider in Texas to transform it into a trap to capture Phil Seleski, the man also known as Solar. Ultimately, however, the trap backfires when Solar tries to escape and it obliterates the state of Texas.

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