Ben Braverman
Ben Braverman
Full Name:

Ben Braverman




The Stormbreakers

In 1943, Ben Braverman, an ordinary Brooklyn college freshman who did not have a clue what to do with his future and wondered if with the war on he had one, saw a shooting star fall out of the sky and, though he was scared, decided to forget being afraid for the first time in his life to investigate it.

When Ben approached the object, which up close looked like a big, glowing blob from out of a Planet stories, it drew him like lodestone, almost as if it were calling to him when, suddenly, it blew up and, like a bursting shell, penetrated his skin with a million cold needles.

When Ben woke up, he was Charles Atlas. He drew unlimited energy right from the sun itself, which raw power turned him into Bravado, a super-strong all-American as bright and powerful as the sun itself!

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