Bhutu Hassan
Full Name:

Bhutu Hassan




Palestine Liberation Organization (former, discharged, member)

Bhutu Hassan wants the world to recognize Palestine as a country and decides that the only way he will ever get worldwide reorganization is by becoming a nuclear power, so he negotiates with the Indigo Cartel to obtain a nuclear device stolen from the former Soviet republic.


After Hassan and his men boarded a hovercraft bound for the Syrian shore, he finished his transaction with the Indigo Cartel and took delivery of the warhead. Just then, Bloodshot appeared on motorcycle and startled the cartel’s operative, who ran inside a helicopter to escape. Leaping into the helicopter after it took off, Bloodshot killed everyone onboard and commandeered control of the craft to go after Hassan, who departed on the hovercraft with the warhead safely onboard. When Bloodshot’ helicopter drew serious gunfire, it forced him to abandon it and jump onto the deck of the hovercraft.

After Bloodshot killed everyone who provided resistance, until he and Hassan were the only ones left, Hassan shot at him from the safety of his gun turret while he mockingly yelled that unless he reset the bomb’s timer it would blow up. Convinced that Hassan was mad enough to ignite the warhead, Bloodshot used his Harbinger ability to control electronics to reset the timer.

Worried that Hassan would blow up the bomb before he could reset the timer, Bloodshot seized control of the crane that held the warhead and released the bomb, which he rode down into the ocean depths where he was able to stop the countdown with three seconds to spare.

After he swan to the surface while his nanites fought off the ill effects of the bends, Bloodshot boarded the vehicle and interrupted Hassan, who was deep in prayer. Though Hassan was able to shoot Bloodshot, who was not at peak performance due to the effects of the bends, the Harbinger was able to strike at Hassan and renderer him unconscious.

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