Full Name:

Jimmy (last name unknown)


Hollywood Special Effects expert


The Bio-Mech suit could fire high-energy projectiles as well as a Taser-like device, capable of emitting lethal amounts of electricity.

When movie producer Mark Silverberg pulls the plug on the movie Mech 2,000, Jimmy and two other F/X coordinators who believe the movie was canceled because of the public’s fascination with the Visitor and the glut of extraterrestrial-themed movies set for production take matters into their own hands.

Using the designs and props from the movie, the specialists create "Bio-Mech," a manufactured villain who pretends to kill a would-be suicide and confronts the Visitor atop the Hollywood sign. Pretending to use the technology in the suit, Bio-Mech detonates an explosion that catches the Visitor unawares and temporarily stuns him. When the Visitor's head clears, he discovers that Bio-Mech has fled and left traces of his explosive device behind.

When Bio–Mech confronts Mark at his home, the producer recognizes the designs from Mech 2,000 and Bio–Mech kills him.

When the Visitor finally tracks Bio–Mech down, the Harbinger blasts him before he can capture him.

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