Bob Schwartz
Bob Schwartz
Full Name:

Bob Schwartz

  • Freedom Mandela
  • Mayor Bob

Mayor of New York City



When Wayne Smalls blundered started a fire fight, Freedom Mandela hit the deck and tried to astrally project himself back to Douglaston as bodies crashed down around him. The movement was certainly worth some risk, but Freedom never really meant any of the Kill Whitey rhetoric. He was more inclined towards Verbally abuse Whitey, Overcharge Whitey, or something to that effect.

When the movement ended with bitter in-fighting among the Panthers, Freedom made a right turn into politics, eventually heading the City Council. He was simultaneously running the non-profit political action group REACH, founded by Wayne before Wayne was forced to flee the country.

Oh, and he was no longer Freedom Mandela. Now he was Bob. Bob Schwartz.

And, on Christmas Day 1991, with the sudden resignation of the mayor, Bob Schwartz moved from Brooklyn Borough Hall to Gracie Mansion.

While Terry Smalls, Wayne's son, delivered a speech during his inauguration as President of REACH, Wayne, the urban legend himself, was shot to death in Los Angeles, trying with the last of his strength to get a dirty needle into his arms.

Of course, Wayne Smalls wasn’t supposed to be in Los Angeles. He wasn’t even supposed to be in the United States.

According to the urban legend, Wayne Smalls had fled the country after an exhaustive police manhunt, and retired to Algiers. Only two people on the planet knew that to be a lie -- Terry Smalls and Mayor Bob.

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