Book of Geomancer

Book of Geomancer


Lore Book

Aware that he would die before he could pass on the history, lore, and secrets of Geomancy to a successor, Tashi Khatun, a 12th Century Geomancer, authored a journal that contained his secrets and guaranteed that they would live on beyond his death.

Following Tashi's death, Gilad Anni-Padda retrieved the book from his home in the La–Chen monastery in the Tibetan providence of Ladakh, and ever since then he has protected it throughout the centuries, most recently from Master Darque.

A counterpart to the Book of Geomancers known as the Book of Necromancers is currently in Master Darque’s possession. Both tomes are Lore Books.

After Geoff McHenry disappears during the Chaos Effect, Gilad uses the Book of Geomancers to bestow the ancient lore of Geomancy upon Geoff's uncle, Clay McHenry.