Bruno Mortalli
Full Name:

Bruno Mortalli


Barry Mondale

  • Mobster (former)
  • Owner of Stefano/Mondale Pharmaceuticals.
Known Relatives:

An enforcer for The Carboni Crime Family involved with, among other responsibilities, collections, Bruno Mortalli taught his son, Angelo Mortalli, to memorize his three rules:

  • Don't get caught
  • Never rat on your pals
  • Never share with your crew what you can keep for yourself

After Bruno becomes involved in a ten-million dollar drug buy, he executes the members of his crew to keep the money to himself. During the buy out, ‘’Caruso’’, the drug dealer, appears nervous and Bruno discovers that he is wearing a wire. After Bruno throws Caruso off the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, the police arrest him and reveal that "Caruso" is really undercover agent called John Stafanski.

After Bruno Mortalli agrees to turn State's evidence against the Carboni Family and enters the Witness Protection Program under the supervision of Federal Agent Harold Glenn, Angelo volunteers to lead a hit team to assassinate him before he testifies in court. Tipped off by mobster tony Barucci, Glenn passes along the information to Bruno, who escapes during the firefight between the Fed, the NYPD, and Angelo’s team.

After his escape Bruno has Doctor Steffano, the head of Reconstructive Surgery at Bellevue, perform plastic surgery that alters his appearance. Subsequently, Bruno assumes a new identity as Barry Mondale, who provides ten million dollars in venture capital to Steffano and creates the company S&M. After Mondale kills Steffano, he introduces his inventions in electro-prosthetics and reconstructive surgery as his own creations and S&M grows to a multi-billion dollar corporation. Eventually, S&M picks up military contracts and designs one-person "human tanks."


Bruno Mortalli in Battle-suit

Last Stand

After Bloodshot and Lieutenant Richard Cole resumed the investigation into the Mortalli hit, they exposed Agent Glenn's treachery and drew Bruno out of hiding. When Bruno reappeared, he tried to kill Don Benito Carboni with one of his company's battle-suits, but Bloodshot engaged him in battle and they ended hanging from the Williamsburg Bridge. When Bloodshot agreed to save him if he would reveal the whereabouts of Bloodshot's missing family Bruno agreed, but then he deliberately pulled Bloodshot off the bridge and sent them both into the freezing water below.

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