Full Name:



Unemployed Construction Worker (Human Form)

  • American (Human Form)
  • Japanese (Masterlord Akuma’s lieutenant)

The Dark Dozen


Superhuman strength

Brutakon is a member of the Dark Dozen, a group of people looking for power to make others suffer who Masterlord Akuma shapes into the adversaries Yasuiti Motomiya created as a training exercise in the Ninjak video game by tapping into the well of suspended disbelief. The only way Ninjak can defeat Brutakon in the video game is with a poisoned shuriken.



Centuries ago in Ancient Japan, during a wondrous age when powerful magick ran loose that faded to myth even in the land where it happened, Brutakon and twelve lieutenants followed Masterlord Akuma in his quest for ultimate power, but, after decades of conflict, a small order of fighter-monks turned Akuma’s magicks against him and cast them out of reality itself.

After Denny Meechum solves the puzzle embedded in the Ninjak video game and finds himself transformed into Ninjak, Zeer, an envoy of Masterlord Akuma, sets out to revive the Dark Dozen by using wicked people looking for power to make others suffer.


Brutakon in his human form

The first reborn member of the Dark Dozen is a laid-off construction worker looking for power to get even with those who had wronged him whom he transforms into Brutakon, a brute with superhuman strength.

When Brutakon sets out to punish the employer who fired him, Denny, as Ninjak, beats him by using his massive strength and dimwitted intellect against him. Afterwards, Brutakon reverts to his human form and the police take him into custody.

When Brutakon and the Dark Dozen attack Motomiya’s Temple, Denny bonds with the symbol of power hidden in the shrine and sets off a huge explosion that seemingly destroys them.

After Ninjak defeats Akuma, Brutakon and the Dark Dozen return to their normal selves.

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