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Place of Birth:


Known Relatives:

M’rrha (sister)


"¡Ai the mi! ¡Chicas!"

Carlitos is a Peruvian boy who befriends Aric Dacia, a 5th Century Visigoth lost in the modern age, after he escapes from the Spider Aliens, a race of blood-thirsty extraterrestrial arachnoids.


On November 3rd 1991, Carlitos and his sister, M’rrha, witnessed as Aric Dacia walked into their village in the jungles of Peru and welcomed him with food and lodging. While her sister was impressed with Aric, who was like no man she had ever seen before, Carlitos was infatuated with the control ring on his finger, and he insistently asked about it while she catered to his every need while he worked the fields. When Aric left for the city to find a wizard who might tell him where he was and how to find his kin Maria lamented that he paid no attention to her infatuation for him and Carlitos mocked her.

Soon as Aric departed, a fleet of helicopters from Orb Industries, a powerful international conglomerate under the control of the Spider Aliens, bore down on the village and killed everyone in it, except for Carlitos, who ran to the city as fast as he could to tell Aric what had occurred. After the aliens feasted on the blood of the villagers, they stuck Maria’s head on a spear and left a recording device with a message for Aric pinned to her hair. When Aric learns what happened to Maria, her death further fans his hatred of the arachnoids.

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