Carmen Ruiz
Full Name:

Carmen Ruiz


Crazy Legs


Paranormal Investigator



Place of Birth:


Known Relatives:
  • Hwen Mirage (husband)
  • Luis Ruiz (father)
  • Christina Ruiz (mother)
  • Lorenzo (ex-husband)

Mirage Parapsychology Inc


Capoeira Martial Arts Expert

Carmen Ruiz and her husband, Dr. Hwen Dong Fong fund Mirage Parapsychology Inc, a research firm that specializes in investigating special cases of a paranormal nature. When she is not battling necromantic monstrosities, Carmen builds devices to detect them and uses her knowledge of engineering to construct ghost-busting equipment that Hwen designs.

Far from a helpless victim, and, despite her husband’s situation making her look like an easy target for their enemies, Carmen is a trained Capoeira martial artist who can hold her own in almost any confrontation.

A Bite of The Apple

While they consulted for the NYPD on a case that involved the beating and stringing of drug pushers on the streets of New York, Carmen and Hwen met Jack Boniface, the vigilante known as Shadowman, who they wanted to help them flush Big Jim McConnel, a convicted criminal who skipped out on his bail, from his hideout in Hell’s Kitchen. After they fooled Jack into thinking that Big Jim stole his motorcycle, Carmen and Hwen promised to help him clear his police record in Nebraska in exchange for his help.

Days later, Carmen followed Jack and Avery, a woman he met in Nebraska, to Jim’s hideout and helped him fend off McConnel’s men after they ambushed him. After the police arrested Jim, Hwen and Carmen made good on their promise to Jack and had his record expunged, then they confessed their lie and revealed that Jim had nothing to do with his stolen bike.

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