Charles Mirren
Full Name:

Charles Mirren


Colonel, MI-6



Known Relatives:

Jillian Alcott (ex-wife)



After a series of unsuccessful raids, the reputation of Neville Alcott takes a beating in the press and he is relieved of his MI-6 intelligence responsibilities for the Crown. His replacement is Charles Mirren, the ex–husband of Jillian Alcott and Neville’s former son-in-law.

When Bloodshot resigned, Charles tried to rekindle his romance with Jillian, but she slapped his advances away and warned him that she was not the “naive young girl” he married and abused.

After Charles loaned Bloodshot to General Edward Cartwright for a mission to take out Julio Cortez, the discovery of the corpse of one of his agents at Cortez’s hacienda Charles fell under suspicion.

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