Chein-Lung & Ch-In
Chein-Lung & Ch’in
Base of Operations:

Shichito Island


Spider Aliens

Chein-Lung and Ch’in are alien saboteurs placed on Earth to undermine Grandmother, the freewill caretaker of Japan, who is the only force that they fear can stop their invasion.

The Invasion of Japan

On March 24th 4001,on Shichito Island, the headquarters of the Anti-Grannies, an organization of citizens who believed that Japan's fate belonged to its people and not Grandmother, Chein-Lung tendered a carcino–pod, a device designed to destroy Grandmother’s intellect but not the computer-lobes that ran her essential systems, like water, food, and ventilation, to Shigeru Tsuda, the Anti-Grannies’ leader.

Unbeknownst to them, Magnus witnessed the exchange. When Magnus confronted Chein-Lung and asked him who he was and what the source of the weapon was, Chein-Lung claimed that he represented a reclusive Chinasian inventor with great sympathy for the Anti–Grannies’ noble cause, but Magnus did not believe him and accused him of being an alien. Enraged, Chein–Lung tossed Magnus aside and ran away while he tussled with a group of Ninjatrons, bionically–enhanced assassins that worked for Tsuda.

After Tsuda rammed an air car into the outer shell of the city to deliver the device into the host body of Japan, the carcino–pod created a technotumor in Grandmother’s brain that destroyed her intellect and forced Tohru Nakadai, the 42nd Rai, to destroy her brain stem.

When the lights went out across Japan, Chein-Lung ordered Ch’in to signal their armada.

While Chein-Lung prepared for the Anti-Grannies to arrive in their chambers, Ch’in donned an X-O Commando Armor with which he could secure the sector by the time their invasion force made earthfall. Just then, Tohru’s estranged wife, Kazuyo Nakadai, broke into the room certain that Chein-Lung had deceived them, and ordered them to drop their weapons.

After Ch’in knocked Kazuyo unconscious with an energy blast from his armor, he attempted to feed on her, but Chein–Lung warned him that she might be a valuable hostage in spite of her estrangement from her husband. Suddenly, the lights came back on in Japan and they feared that Grandmother had come back to life.

Later, aboard a ship two hundred miles above the sea of Japan, Chein-Lung worried that they were in trouble after they failed to ensure that Grandmother was dead before they signaled the armada and wondered if they would be thrown in with the breeders, while Ch’in refused to mate with the egg-layers and planned to kill Grandmother to redeem them. As Ch’in brandished a ring on his finger, he proclaimed that they would have to kill him to take the armor’s power from him.

Ravenous at the thought of a kill, Ch’in turned to Kazuyo to eat her, but she broke free and killed him with a broken piece of metal. After Kazuyo took the ring, she tore a hole on the ship with the armor and escaped. When the ship exploded behind Kazuyo, Chein–Lung died.

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