Full Name:



Minion of Darque


In life, Clemenceau was a civil rights leader who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. He made millions as a stock trader in the eighties but lost his nerve and subsequently his fortune. He turned to Master Darque who promised to restore his nerve in return for his service as one of his Death Runners.

During this operation, Clemenceau came across Jack Boniface, who Master Darque ordered him to run over with his car. While chasing Jack, Clemenceau crashed into a semi truck and burned to death, but Master Darque brought him back to life as his servant using ancient voodoo magic.

Later, with Marty’s help, Clemenceau kidnapped Jack after he came out of his friend Margo’s home and took him to Master Darque’s manor. There, after Darque ordered Marty to kill himself and used a voodoo doll made out of Jack’s hair and a scrap of his costume to render him unconscious, he ordered Clemenceau to stand watch over him until darkness fell to find out how persuaded he was to serve him.

When Jack awoke, he donned his Shadowman mask and attacked Clemenceau to reach Darque, who watched their encounter from the sidelines to persuade Jack to serve him. Upon hearing Darque’s description of his abilities to persuade, heal, and raise the dead, which reminded Jack of the song the Seventh Son, he recited its lyrics and gained the strength to behead Clemenceau. Just then, Darque set the manor ablaze to kill Jack, who jumped out a window when he smelled the smoke. The fire engulfed Clemenceau and burned him to ashes.

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