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Manipulate Perceptions of Reality

The former ruler of a small country in the Middle-East, Crescendo is the only survivor of a Visigoth rampage that razed her empire. Fighting her way up from slave to regaining a measure of wealth and power, Crescendo's life through the years lacks purpose until she learns of Aric Dacia's return to the modern world. Seeking to punish Aric for his people's crimes, Crescendo destroys Orb Industries and in the process kills Randy Cartier and Ken Clarkson, whose last act is to run her thru with a sword before he dies.

While Aric Dacia incinerated her body, Crescendo's soul survives entombed in a pyramid from which she escapes by possessing a human who enters her tomb. Returning to the States, she gathers some of Aric's foes to try to kill him again... yet, due to the unforeseen threads of fate, a bus runs her over and seemingly destroys her for good.

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