In a world that had long since become a terrible place, Phil Seleski, the man know as Solar, reluctantly granted the wish of his lifelong companion, Gayle Nordheim, to dissipate the lifegiving energy that had kept her alive for so long. Unable to contain his grief by her passing, Phil literarily split in two. The remaining Phil vanished into a life of seclusion while the new persona, the Explorer, went off to find other planes of reality to explore.

There, in a dimension between what is real and unreal, he encountered a creature of incredible power, a woman from a distant universe – Void. The two fell in love – a love that would end all time – literarily. Upon consummating, their combined energies fused, unwrapping the fabric of time, spiraling backwards and eating away at their distinct timelines. In an instant, things were not as they should be: heroes fought along those who had been their enemies in a different world; great men who would bring justice to the world died horrible, untimely deaths. Only men with the gift of foresight, Geoff McHenry and Prophet, knew that all was not as it should be. Where they had seen the future, there was now–nothing.

Geoff and Prophet are resolved to gather the heroes of this amalgamated universe together – to fight the battle to save all time. But the evil necromancer known as Master Darque has embarked on a plan to profit from the impending universal destruction – a scheme which can only succeed if and when all life is expunged!

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