Full Name:



Pagan Priestess



Date of Death:

408 AD

Place of Birth:

The Isle of Brittany, Ireland

Known Relatives:

"I owe you my life. It is a debt that must be repayed."

Deidre is an Irish disciple of the God Lugh who the Romans enslave when they take her from her home in the Isle of Brittany. Two years later, Aric Dacia, a 5th Century Visigoth lost in the modern age, rescues Deidre from Mericus, a Roman Captain that intends to kill her because her Pagan beliefs offend him, and she stays with him to repay the debt she owes him for saving her life.

Fair-Haired Companion

When Aric met Deidre, his hatred for the Romans who slaughtered his parents governed his life, and when they married, he denounced the Roman God and embraced her Celtic beliefs.


In 408 AD in a Roman Temple in the village of Rieti in Northern Italy, a Catholic Priest warned Mericus, a Roman Captain, that the Visigoth bane was God’s wrath for his consent to have Deidre, who he believed spread her heathen Celtic beliefs like a plague, as a slave. Convinced by the priest’s words, Mericus proclaimed that Deidre had to die if they were to be cleansed of the Visigoth curse, but as he was about to kill her, Aric Dacia, a Visigoth, impaled him with his sword. After Aric slew the priest, he released Deidre from her bonds and took her with him because, even though she was a heathen and his uncle Alaric, the King of the Visigoths, would disapprove, she was better looking than the women in his camp were.

That evening in the Visigoth village, when Aric warned her not to even think about escaping because she belonged to him and, Deidre told him that she would never leave because she owed him her life, and it was her people’s way to repay such a debt. When Deidre asked Aric how she could serve him, he took her in his arms and made love to her. Weeks later, Deidre told Aric that if they were to join in the eyes of Lugh they both had to drink from the same cup. As he drank from the chalice, Aric washed his hands of the Roman God and proclaimed that he would gladly serve Lugh, who brought Deidre to him.

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