Denny Meechum
Full Name:

Denny Meechum




High School Student



Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

New York, New York

Known Relatives:

By uttering the phrases I Call On The Power of Ninjak! and Ninjak Forever, Denny changes back and forth between himself and Ninjak. After he merges with the Spirit of Ninjak, Denny is able to transform at will without the need of special phrases.


Puzzle Solving


I Call On The Power of Ninjak!

Denny Meechum is a typical teenager with a boring life, and the only boy in a family of five whose sisters are good for little more than annoying him and whose parents are not much help either. His father, Sean Meechum, is a lieutenant in the United States Army whose job keeps him away from home, leaving his mother, Donna Meechum, busy taking care of the family alone.

Denny does not have many friends, though he and his best bud Fulton Townall III are close as brothers, so it is little wonder that he so thoroughly immerses himself in the action–packed, 64–bit world of America’s hottest video game – Ninjak!

While playing the game, Denny finds that he can re-arrange certain background tiles like pieces in a puzzle and, when he happens upon the right combination, a bolt of energy that comes out of the video screen zaps him, and somehow, grants him the power to become Ninjak himself!

Denny learns that, just as Ninjak is out in the real world, so are the Dark Dozen, the villains from the video game and that their unseen leader – the evil Masterlord Akuma – is not far behind.

Denny will need Ninjak’s martial arts prowess to stop Akuma and the Dozen from taking over the world, and though no one ever said it would be easy, at least things are not boring anymore!

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