Department W
Base of Operations:


  • Paul Bouvier (deceased)
  • Randy Cartier
  • Stefan (deceased)
  • David (deceased)
  • Jean-Luc (deceased)
  • June Devereaux (deceased)
  • Ian McKenzie

Canadian Secret Service

In order to apprehend Kyle Wolfbridge, an international terrorist and extortionist, the Canadian Secret Service gathers the Wolfbridge Group, a task force dubbed Department W. During her time with Department W, Randy Cartier meets and marries Jean-Luc.

Years later, Wolfbridge murders Jean-Luc and captures Randy, who he takes to a camp in Afghanistan to torture. During the rescue operation to extract Randy, Paul Bouvier loses his eye. Months later, Randy tracks Wolfbridge down and kills him with her bare hands, an action that her employers did not sanction.

In an attempt to avoid a political scandal, the CSS fires Randy and disbands Department W.

Following Paul’s memorial service, Department W reunites for the first time in years and soon Snakebite, a hired assassin, kills Stefan and David. When Randy and Ian McKenzie track Snakebite to Germany, he confesses that Wolfbridge hired him to kill the members of Department W, but he dies before he can reveal anything else.

In time, Randy learns that Snakebite works for Helena Wolfbridge, Kyle's daughter, who plots to continue her father's plan to usher in the nuclear holocaust.

In the end, Randy, Ian, Colin King, and Aric Dacia stop Helena, but not before she kills everyone that was part of Department W.

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