Full Name:




  • Gun trader
  • Drug dealer

Det is a criminal's success story: a flashy dresser, gunrunner, drug dealer and the leader of an empire of thugs for hire that comes to the attention of Bloodshot.

Tears of A Clown

After Bloodshot captured Det, he got him to provide him with details for a large gun deal of one hundred cases of automatic weapons and three hundred cases of ammo. While Bloodshot staked out the route from information provided by Det and waited for the buyers inside a truck full of ordinance, NYPD detective Thomas Morgan was to have been in on the bust, but construction work in the Brooklyn Bridge delayed him. Without any backup for Bloodshot, Det was able to slip away, but Uzzi The Clown, a crazed vigilante, captured him, and decided to kill him as an example to all that crime does not pay

Uzzi took Det to the Brooklyn Bridge and shot him in the right kneecap before Bloodshot intervened. Uzzi chose to jump off the bridge rather than let Bloodshot capture him.

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