Diana Canelli
Full Name:

Diana Canelli

Known Relatives:

Diana Canelli is the daughter of Mafioso Gino Canelli and fiancée of Angelo Mortalli. When Angelo cheats on her, her father sets him up for the murder of Johnny Scotto.

Sins of The Father

After Mortalli became Bloodshot, Max Bartolo, Gino's cousin, stole some files from Benito Carboni that contained Gino's sordid history which he planned to make known to Diana.

After Carboni’s men attacked Bloodshot, whom they believed stole the files, he infiltrated Carboni’s manor during Diana’s wedding and confronted him. Once the truth of the robbery was determined, Carboni asked Bloodshot for his help to keep Diana from suffering any more pain, and Bloodshot agreed to retrieve the files and turn them over to Carboni as a last gesture of goodwill to a woman he had harmed.

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