Doctor Himmel
Full Name:

Doctor Himmel (First name unknown)

Known Relatives:

Gigo ("son")



Dr. Himmel works in Webnet's bio-technology division out of a branch in Rome, Italy. She refers to the hulking monstrosity Gigo as her "son," although no one knows if this is a matter of biology, proprietary experimentation, or merely misplaced affection.

Himmel works on a program that will, though a combination of sensory deprivation and other treatments, "reprogram" people to do Webnet's bidding. Political assassination of world leaders is a tricky proposition because one never knows who will inherit power. Reprogramming existing leaders is a much safer gambit, at least in theory.

When she experiments on Jillian Alcott, the intervention of the Secret Weapons frees her before the conditioning was complete.

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