Doctor Ito
Full Name:

Doctor Ito




Project Rising Spirit

Doctor Ito, who in the ‘70s assisted the Prime Minister of Japan, is a scientist for the Iwatsu Corporation.

The Return of Rising Spirit

While in the employ of Yoshi Iwatsu, Ito fine-tuned the nanite injection process and created new Speedshots in preparation for Goro Sanada’s reception of nanite enhancements. When Ito believed that Bloodshot and DeathAngel would be victorious, he fled to Toshiro Matsuda, for whom he created a replacement mechanical hand after Goro, his half brother, severed his off the wrist. Ito believed Sanada to be dead and wanted the bounty that Matsuda placed on his brother’s head.

Goro, enhanced by nanites and now calling himself the Crimson Dragon, burst into Matsuda’s home and the two half-brothers battled one another. Not even the intervention of DeathAngel, who took a barrage of bullets intended for Sanada, stopped the battle.

Enter The Crimson Dragon

When Ito returned to Yoshi Iwatsu, he uploaded the Proteus virus to the Internet as Iwatsu’s final "insurance" against Bloodshot.


After Proteus escaped his prison in the Arctic Circle with assistance from DeathAngel, his nanite signal showed up on a tracking device that Ito and Yoshi monitored. Ito and Yoshi then took an uncharacteristically active course and attacked Proteus with an anti-Proteus virus that caused the creature great pain. After Bloodshot made sure that everyone had escaped, he forced Ito and Yoshi to help him defeat Proteus, who absorbed the two of them when he recognized them as his creators.

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