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Topeka, Kansas


"Hey, church-boy! Your poppa’s a holy-roller pus-bag!"

Duke is a bully that tormented Obadiah Archer, the greatest martial artist alive and a Harbinger with uncanny powers of perception, when they were children.

First Impressions

Lifelines – Part I: Revival

On July 12th, 1982, at 4:30 pm in a secluded field, Duke mocked Obadiah Archer as he dunked a ball into a basket shouting that the power of the lord was in him while playing a game of HORSE while Bobby, a bully who tormented Obadiah, and two other boys watched in awe. In awe as well, Duke remarked that Obadiah shot like a spastic throwing bricks but the ball kept going in.

Though Bobby warned Duke not to miss his next shot or else they would lose a lot of money, Duke missed the final basket and Obadiah won the game. While he handed Obadiah his winnings, Bobby asked him how he was able to make five shots in a row, and Obadiah replied that, sometimes, he got spells where he could not miss, like God was guiding his hand.

Just then, Duke punched Obadiah and, amid accusations that he cheated and threats to beat him up, demanded the money back. Valiantly, Obadiah warned Duke that, regardless of his size, he could bust his skull as sure as David busted Goliath, while he had God’s power in him.

Instead of punching Duke, Obadiah quoted a moral lesson from his father, the reverend Joe Earl Archer, a charismatic religious leader who attracts an avid following that, unbeknownst to Archer, is a fornicator and murderer who equates faith with financial donations made to his ministry, to turn the other cheek when somebody strikes him and gave Duke the money back.

As Obadiah ran home after forgiving Duke for pushing him, Bobby called him a wuss while Duke yelled out that his father was a holy-roller pus-bag.