Edward Brisbane
Full Name:

Edward Brisbane

  • UN Negotiator
  • American Diplomat


Date of Death:



Edward Brisbane and Gilad Anni-Padda met in Saigon around 1968 when Brisbane was working at the American Embassy as liaison for "Special Forces", a role that he did not especially relish.

Slaughter House

While on assignment to go upriver where Colonel Wermand Harvesty had set himself up as some sort of local Satrap, Brisbane warned Gilad that he would be in charge of the expedition and he expected him to obey his instructions without question. Telling Brisbane that he was not an American agent and that he only worked with the CIA when their agendas overlapped, Gilad said that he agreed, reluctantly, to take him, but that if he got in his way he would snap his neck like a twig, a threat that Brisbane absolutely believed.

Once past their initial imbroglio, Edward and Gilad began their trek up river, the most horrifying and most edifying trip of Brisbane’s life. Brisbane found Gilad to be an amazing fellow, a fierce fighter and strong as an ox, quite famous and liked in any number of villages in which they stopped on their way north.

During a skirmish with the Viet Cong, Gilad took out a whole patrol single–handedly, but suffered wounds of his own, any of which should have been fatal. Telling Brisbane that he felt every shot every time though he had gotten used to them, Gilad assured him that by the next day he would be all right, which he was. One part of Brisbane was sorry when they finally made Colonel Harvesty’s camp, while Gilad seemed to take exception to Harvesty’s delusions and, evidently, felt Harvesty was usurping his place, so he killed him and took back what was his.

The next time Brisbane saw Abrams was in 1975 during the Fall of Saigon. Brisbane had been attending to a personal mission and got back to the American enclave just in time to see the last helicopter take off, but with help from Gilad, who arranged transport for him to Singapore, he made it back home.

Meeting again in 1995, Brisbane helped Gilad with a situation in Groznia after which they became allies in Gilad's mission to prevent the dark night from falling on humanity. Brisbane helped to assemble The Force, an international squad of experts in various disciplines, to help Gilad with his mission.

Final Round

Brisbane, while seemingly sharing Gilad’s goal of delaying the collapse of late 20th Century civilization, was actually an undercover member of the Fenris Group, an organization that tried to hasten the collapse of society so it could rule the world that would come after. Brisbane secretly sabotaged all of the missions The Force undertook, and most team members were on the Fenris payroll, as well.

When Gilad realized Brisbane's treachery, he executed him in cold blood.

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