Edward Cartwright
Full Name:

Edward Cartwright


General, U.S. Army


American Citizen


U.S. Army

Edward Cartwright is a United States Army general who recruits Bloodshot to strengthened the United States during the Para-Human arms race.

Things Fall Apart

Shortly after the arrival of The Visitor, General Edward Cartwright called an emergency meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss what he believed to be a growing concern over "Para-Human" activities and the United States’ danger of falling behind in a new "arms race."

Cartwright proposed recruiting Bloodshot to come work for the United States, and after Neville Alcott lost his post in MI–6 to the manipulations of his former son-in-law Charles Mirren, Bloodshot was "loaned" to Cartwright to track down Columbian drug lord Julio Cortez.

The Past Anew

After Jillian Alcott became DeathAngel, Bloodshot announced his intentions to find the stolen data discs that contained crucial information about Project Rising Spirit. He promised to report his findings, but declared he would work only with Cartwright.


Later, Cartwright collaborated with Bloodshot when a military base near the Arctic Circle, Listening Post Seven, sent out an encoded distress call. Bloodshot, fearing the worst, flew with Cartwright’s troops to the listening post and confirmed his suspicion that Proteus had returned.

As a contingency plan in case the unit missed even one check–in contact with "the Hive," a military group stationed one hundred miles away, Cartwright authorized a helicopter armed with the U.S. military’s deadliest non-nuclear ordinance, fuel-air bombs, to be sent out.

As Bloodshot and Cartwright strategized, Proteus attacked and grabbed Cartwright with a tentacle. Although Bloodshot severed the tentacle with gunfire and freed Cartwright, Proteus assimilated Dietrich, another man under Cartwright’s command and left behind only a bloody and smoldering skull.

Just then, Jillian intervened and showed Bloodshot their twin sons, whose development Proteus accelerated so that they were already capable of independent movement in spite of their only being days old.

After Bloodshot blasted Proteus with a rocket launcher, Cartwright opened with a barrage of automatic fire to protect his men. When Proteus seized him again, Yoshi Iwatsu blew off his tentacle while Doctor Ito blasted him with an anti-Proteus virus.

While Proteus staggered, Bloodshot and Jillian’s sons dove under the snow and tunneled towards Cartwright. When the children attacked him, Cartwright flung one away from him and Yoshi seemingly disintegrated this child with his anti-Proteus weapon while the remaining twin retreated beneath the snow.

During the battle, Cartwright’s group missed their radio checklist and the Hive dispatched the helicopter with its deadly ordinance. When Cartwright and his men flew out on Iwatsu’s helicopter, they left behind Bloodshot, Yoshi Iwatsu, and Dr. Ito, who apparently died during their final attack.

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