Base of Operations:
  • New Orleans
  • New York City
  • South Arabia
  • Terence
  • Abdul
  • Saul

Master Darque


Minions of Darque


Terence is a muttering homeless man who proves to be useful in Master Darque’s campaign to drive Solar mad. Terence’s success leads Master Darque to entrust him with greater power. Darque himself cuts tattoos, each earned by committing a murder for his master, into Terence’s body. The last of these “lost soul” tattoos transform Terence from a man into an elemental earth creature.


Another one of his elemental minions, Darque gave Abdul the ability to call and control water, but his mind was too fragile to handle the great power and he went insane within days,. Ultimately, Janine Noir ordered him dispatched lest he caused the Master difficulties.


A minion of Master Darque with elemental control of fire, Dr. Mirage and Gilad Anni-Padda defeated Saul and he imploded when the power fed back into him.

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