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Yanomama Tribe

Elib is a member of a displaced group from the Yanomama Tribe. The Yanomama normally live in the Brazil-Venezuela borderlands, but when the Nabuh {"Outsiders") devastate their forests, Elib and his people migrate and settle in Peru, where he meets Aric Dacia after he leaves Orb Industries and entrusts the Manowar Class Armor to Randy Cartier.

When Aric hears the Hovitos, members of an opposing tribe, attack Elib and Hanewoe, he slays four of them with his bare hands after they kill Hanewoe and makes an impression on the young Yanomama. Later, when the Hovitos kill another member of the Yanomama, Aric leads a war party and decimates the enemy tribe, which earns him a place with the Yanomama.

When a logging company runs off the Yanomama, Aric makes himself known as the tribe’s protector, but the company’s enforcers murder Elib along with the rest of the tribe. Saddened, Aric escapes the carnage only to discover that Spectar Enterprises, the logging company responsible for the murder of his newfound friends, is a subsidiary of Orb Industries.

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