Emilie N’Dour
Full Name:

Emilie N’Dour


Madame N’Dour


Curios Voodoo Shop Owner



Known Relatives:

Emilie N’Dour is the widow of Paul N’Dour and co–owner of Curios, a voodoo store. Following her husband’s death, Emilie became an ally of Jack Boniface.

At first, Emilie employed her knowledge of voodoo to lure Shadowman into her store and sent him out to find out who killed Paul, and later she helped him learn more about Master Darque and his sister, Sandria. Surprised by the revelation that Jack had seen Darque and his sister, Emilie urged him to accompany her to the St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery to find out who occupied their crypt.

That night, Shadowman, Devon, and Madame N’Dour opened Darque’s crypt and were shocked to find Paul’s corpse in a coffin within it. When Paul rose up, Emilie believed he was still alive, but Shadowman told her that he was a corpse that Darque animated. Despite this, Emilie fled the cemetery with Paul by her side, as she did not care whether he was dead or alive, as for her all that mattered was having her husband back.

Shortly thereafter, Emilie sought out Jack and begged him to kill Paul, who could not end his own life, in exchange for telling him everything about Master Darque’s plan for the Death Runners. After Paul told Jack everything he knew, he poured a canister of gasoline over himself that Jack lit with a torch. While watching as Paul burned to ashes, Jack mused that he was a good man, and that neither death nor Darque’s power could change that.

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