Evans Devereaux
Full Name:

Evans Devereaux


The Slasher





Known Relatives:

Dominique Devereaux (wife, deceased)

A stage actor on a presentation of Othello at the Buckman Community Theater in New Orleans, Evans Devereaux perpetrated a series of murders as red herrings to make the police think there was a psycho on the loose so that when he killed his wife her death would look like just another random victim in a string of bizarre murders.

Following the opening performance of Evan’s presentation, he and Dominique invited Jack Boniface, their friend, to a premiere party onboard the Princess Lily, a gambling boat. That night during the party, Evans saw Dominique flirting with one of the guests, so he intentionally collided with a waiter to give himself an excuse to disappear and don his Slasher disguise.

Shortly, the Slasher killed Dominique, who had taken the opportunity to have a little rendezvous with the man she had been flirting with all night after Evans vanished.

When Shadowman discovered what Evans had done, he confronted him and the two of them had a fierce battle that ended with Shadowman standing triumphantly over Evans. Upon hearing that Shadowman planned to deliver him to the police so he would rot in jail, Evan chose to kill himself with his own weapon.

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