Full Name:

Evie [Last Name Unknown]



Known Relatives:

When Angelo Mortalli moved to upstate New York with several of his friends to get off the troubled streets, he met Evie, a co-ed at VanHook High School who became part of his group of peers and his lover.

As a teen, Evie knew of a mysterious sect referred to as The Place of Many Alike, a religious order that took in twins and triplets and trained them to be assassins. After Angelo returned to the city, he heard that Evie was pregnant and delivered twins herself, but he never knew that he was the father of her children.

As Bloodshot, Angelo returned to the school grounds to search for the Neupro Gun, a weapon that had no affect on organic matter but could break down low-vibrational matter that belonged to the Place of Many Alike. Bloodshot hoped to modify the settings of the gun to help rid DeathAngel of the nanites coursing through her body, but he ignored that his former teenaged associates had their sights set on the weapon too.

During battle with the mafioso, two novices from the Place of Many Alike, who unbeknownst to him were his teenage daughters, attacked Bloodshot, and during their struggle, the Neupro gun shattered a statue that hid Evie’s corpse inside it.

When other members of The Place came to tend to their wounded, Bloodshot recognized Evie’s heartbeat and vocal patterns in the team’s leader, but he knew she was not her. After The Place reclaimed the gun, Bloodshot wondered over the identities of both his daughters and Evie’s twin, but chose not to push for more answers out of fear of what he might discover.

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