Geoff McHenry
Full Name:

Geoffry McHenry





Date of Death:

October 2062

Known Relatives:

See Geomancers

Across the history of the world, there have always been Geomancers who can commune with the Earth and act on its behalf. The most familiar of them to hold the title is Geoff McHenry.

The Man Who Killed The World

In 1985, Buck McHenry took his great–nephew Geoff on a year-long walkabout when he was ten years old to become his successor out of desperation, as he was already considerably past a century in age and had been unable to find a worthy replacement to answer the calling of the Earth.

After Buck returned him, to his parents, Geoff had a difficulty accepting his “gift” due to his young age.

In April of 1991, Geoff felt as Phil Seleski destroyed another universe, and his resulting outburst forced his parents to institutionalize him for almost a year. When Gilad Anni-Padda discovered Geoff’s situation, he asked Toyo Harada to help him release him from psychiatric care.


Shortly afterwards, Geoff gathered many of the Earth’s heroes to partake in the battle against Mothergod in the Lost Land to stop her from achieving Unity, a test of mettle that he passed brilliantly.

The Blood of Heroes

Upon his return from Unity, Geoff released Bloodshot from Project Rising Spirit.

Space & Time

When Master Darque captured Buck, Geoff gave Gilad the Bagh-Nakh to take his life.


After Master Darque acquired the energy released when Solar destroyed the other universe, it upset the long-standing balance between Necromancers and Geomancers, so Geoff formed the Secret Weapons team to counter his growing power and influence.

Chaos Effect

Geoff Profile

At the end of the Chaos Effect in July of 1994, Geoff, Armstrong, and Archer were sucked into a time arc that took them to the Lost Land, after which their brothers, the Wing Men, offered them shelter and made Archer their spiritual leader.

One day, Turok, Chichak, Andy, Keth, and Captain Jack came to the village of the Wing People seeking to form an alliance of free tribes to make a stand against the Campaigner and his raiders, but Archer proclaimed that there was no peace in conflict or freedom in bloodshed and refused to ally the Wing Men to warfare.

Geoff's whereabouts at that time remain unknown.

Returning sometime before or on September 9th, 1999, Geoff, Archer, and Armstrong joined other heroes of Earth to mourn the death of Shadowman, who died ridding the world of the Darque Power.

In February of 2020, Geoff sent Archer to rescue Armstrong from Harada’s deprivations. Obadiah succeeded, but lost his own life in the process. Geoff’s niece, Lucinda Mendez, was the next chosen Geomancer and she succeeded him upon his death in October of 2062.

The Geomancers’ Line of Succession



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