Gina DeCarlo
Full Name:

Gina DeCarlo



Known Relatives:

Don Cianelli (father)

Gina DeCarlo is the daughter of Don Cianelli, the head of the Cianelli crime family, and the girlfriend of Angelo Mortalli.

The Angel of Death

He strikes like a bolt of lightning. Bones and sinew are ground into powder in his hands. Microscopic machines whisper into his brain and haunt him with memories of an erased past. Once he was Raymond Garrison. Now he is Bloodshot… and he is the walking dead!

Trapped in a labyrinth of conspiracy, Raymond will not skulk in the shadows fingering his way through filling cabinets! He has big guns, searing reflexes, and the indomitable will to learn why the mob has taken his life – and the United States government has stolen his soul.

What he will discover is so terrible that it will affect every man, woman, and child on Earth.

The Disassembled Man

After Raymond killed the members of the Chainsaw, a team of highly–trained mercenaries that worked for the Domestic Operations Authority, Gina appeared to him in the form of an apparition.

Gina warned Raymond against a man of light whose soul was cold and dark, and told him that a pale rider who carried the candle of truth within the darkest of hearts would lead the four horsemen that would arise to ride against the blinding light.

Before she vanished, Gina told Raymond that, before she died, they tried to brainwash her so she would not remember him, but that just like after their first date every time the words ‘’Reservoir Dogs’’ made her hot for him, there were some things she could not forget.

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