Full Name:

Gino Canelli



Known Relatives:

Diana Canelli (daughter)


The Carboni Crime Family

Gino Canelli is the father of Diana Canelli and a member of the Carboni crime family.

Family Blood

When Gino learned that Angelo Mortalli, his daughter’s fiancé, cheated on Diana with a woman called Tina, he set him up to take the fall for the murder of Johnny Scotto.

Blood of The Machine

After his transformation into Bloodshot, Angelo went to Gino looking for answers to his own identity, and during a skirmish, he sliced off the fingers on his right hand.

Blood On The Sands Of Time

When Gilad Anni-Padda brokered a truce between Benito Carboni and Bloodshot, Gino objected and threatened to kill a woman who Bloodshot believed to be his sister unless he surrendered. Enraged, Gino pulled out a gun and shot the woman and then Bloodshot killed him in self–defense.

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