Goro Sanada
Full Name:

Goro Sanada

  • Number Seven
  • Seventh Dragon
  • Crimson Dragon

Trained Assassin





Goro Sanada, the last survivor of the Schwarz Tod experiments funded by Hideyoshi Iwatsu, a process that transformed him into the Seventh Dragon, a genetically enhanced warrior, grows up hating Colin King for being the recipient of the attention of Michiko Okubo. Referred by Iwatsu simply as "Number Seven", Goro becomes his personal bodyguard. When Goro rebels against his fate and runs away, he is found out, beaten up, and taken back to Iwatsu, who tells him where he can find Colin, and he is present when Iwatsu arranges for Colin to leave Japan forever.


Goro as The Crimson Dragon

Later, Yoshi Iwatsu enables Goro to see Bloodshot in action and promises him similar abilities and more. Goro undergoes a nanite transfusion, and while nanites tend to be fatal for anyone other than a Harbinger whose ability can kept him alive, Goro's DNA has been altered by Project Hope and Glory, which also provides Ninjak with his Para-human abilities, and enables him to survive the transfusion process.

Goro's strength, agility, and healing ability are greatly improved, but he is unable to control electronics as he is not a Harbinger like Bloodshot. Taking the name "Crimson Dragon," he battles Bloodshot and DeathAngel until Jillian is able to broker an uneasy truce.

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