Harold Polk
Full Name:

Harold Polk

  • President and CEO, Orb Industries


Date of Death:


Known Relatives:

Orb Industries


Orb Industries

Harold Polk is the CEO and President of Orb Industries, a powerful international conglomerate.

Dethroned Mogul

In preparation for the Spider Aliens invasion of Earth, Lydia, a ruthless bio-engineered Spider Alien Soldier on a mission to establish bases around the world hidden behind legitimate enterprises with agents strategically positioned within them, used her venom to keep Harold in a mildly sedated condition that made him malleable to her will.


As part of a plan to provide the Spider Aliens with limitless resources for their invasion of the Earth, Lydia seduced Harold Polk for months and returned with him to New York City posing as his fiancé to impose herself into his life and usurp his power for their needs. After Lydia assassinated Harold’s business lieutenants and replaced them with her agents, Prather and Aristedes, who proceeded to bring their troops and technology to Orb facilities around the world, she seductively fed off his comatose corpse.

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