Herbert Kramer
Full Name:

Herbert Kramer





Herbert Kramer is an Aerosmith groupie who wants to show his music to Steven Tyler, but whenever he tries to sing nothing ever comes out of his mouth. Desperate, he makes a deal with Master Darque, who offers to make his darkest desires happen in exchange for his obedience.

At Darque’s behest, Moondance broke into Tyler’s dressing room to steal a piece of clothing and a lock of hair so that he could become him, when, suddenly, Tyler caught him in the act. During the ensuing struggle, Moondance and Tyler came crashing out of the room into the hallway, where Darque’s zombies were keeping Jack Boniface and the rest of Aerosmith at bay. Ordering a zombie to take an innocent girl hostage, Moondance told Tyler to give him a lock of his hair or else the zombie would kill her, then, after Tyler complied, he absconded with the zombies in a van. That evening, Moondance took his goods to Darque at the Paradiso Theater, where Darque fashioned a voodoo doll in Tyler’s image to conjure a spell.

That night, while Moondance watched the Aerosmith concert from above the reflectors and clutched the doll in his hands, he felt his transformation into Tyler, who rushed off the stage after feeling the urge to run away. Beating Tyler to the Paradiso, Moondance greeted him on stage singing Cryin’ and garbed in make–up that made him look like him, then he leapt off the stage and tried to kill Tyler who during the struggle grabbed the doll from his hand and tossed it away, then knocked Moondance out with a punch.

The next night, Moondance attended Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip” concert as if nothing happened.

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