Hook and Welt
Full Name:

Hook and Welt


Minions of Darque


Minions of Darque

Hook and Welt are two of Master Darque’s minions who work together as a team that Darque mutates into vicious rat–like human. While Hook bristles with venomous barbs and razor–like claws, Welt is a lethal and cold–blooded expert with the whip.

When Hell Froze Over

When Master Darque sent Hook and Welt against Gilad Anni-Padda to acquire the Book of Geomancer they both died in the attempt.

Darque Passage

Months after their death, Darque reanimated Hook and Welt when parapsychologist Hwen Mirage was studying their bodies. Mirage destroyed them for the second and final time when he used an electromagnetic pulse to break Darque’s necromantic control over his undead minions.

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