Ilsa Krofft
Full Name:

Ilsa Krofft


Nazi spy

The daughter of a Nazi field marshal, Ilsa Krofft is a successful spy, saboteur, and accomplished fighter for the Third Reich. An individual who continually tests her abilities against the best that the Allied forces have to offer, Ilsa is stated to be the reason why Gilad Anni-Padda is unable to kill Adolph Hitler.

Armed Militia

After Ilsa successfully captured Buck McHenry and the Book of Geomancer, Gilad infiltrated her fortress in Bavaria and rescued him. Unbeknownst to Ilsa, a fleet of Allied bombers was en route to destroy her fortress. The bombs created enough chaos that Gilad and Buck slipped away. Just before the fortress collapsed around her, Ilsa swore that she would find and kill both men.

Presumed dead, Ilsa’s final fate remains unknown at this time.

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