Jeremiah Dimanche
Full Name:

Jeremiah Dimanche


Daddy D’manche


Tarot Reader



Jeremiah Dimanche is a self-described master of the black arts, voodoo, and teller of the future, abd a friend of Anjenetta Grampion who gives Jack Boniface a tarot reading to help him find where Emil Sosa has taken the children his men kidnapped.

During the reading, Jeremiah told Jack that the cards said he was a young boy oblivious to the true workings of the world who acquired unique abilities that made him see and feel things different from others, and that he was very troubled that an evil man that crossed him, Sosa, had things going his way. Upon reading the cards further, Jeremiah said that Jack thought he could bargain for time with death by performing a good deed, and make a deal with the angels to beat a devil, a reference to Jack’s impending demise that Elya prophesied.

After giving Jack a card that would lead him to the true location of Sosa’s hideout where he kept the children, Jeremiah told him to accept his unique fate and told him to take care.

The next afternoon, while Jeremiah read that Shadowman survived the blast in the newspaper, he mused that perhaps his new fearlessness was unfounded as a man could never know the moment of his death, and that the fates were fickle, making the future uncertain until it became the present.

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