Joan the Maid
Full Name:

Joan the Maid






See Geomancers

The Geomancers’ Line of Succession


15th Century AD

Chosen from above when she was very young, the voices told Joan she had a future beyond her father's farm. Trusting the voices, which guided her well, Joan leads the French on the Siege of Orleans and frees France from the British.

Reuniting France with the crowning of Charles VIII, Joan gives the French people the push they need to overcome the dominance of England, and, thanks to her leadership, the hundred-year's war soon ends.

The British brand Joan a heretic and sentence her to burn at the stake, unaware that her death will make her immortal, a Saint to the people of France. Told by the voices that she has to sacrifice her life, Joan dies it without question, willing to give her life for the Earth.

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