Joseph Nicoletti
Full Name:

Joseph Nicoletti






The Harbinger Foundation

Joseph Nicoletti is an old friend of Gilad Anni-Padda from the Viet Nam war that Toyo Harada approaches to become a trainer at the Harbinger Foundation school in Bolivar.

In 1967, Joseph was an unofficial observer in Viet Nam that the Viet Cong captured outside of Da Nang. After Gilad rescued him, Joseph spent the following six years in the employment of the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as spent a year on loan to British Intelligence.

After Harada hired Joseph, he summoned Gilad to his office, and, during the visit, he forced Joseph to shoot him with a handgun to confirm he was truly immortal as the thoughts he gleaned from Joseph’s mind suggested. Once he was satisfied, Harada enlisted Gilad in his fight against the Man of the Atom, and Gilad agreed on the condition that Harada erase the incident from Joseph’s mind, a concession he agreed with.

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