Judy Nicholas
Judy Nicholas
Full Name:

Judy Nicholas




The Stormbreakers

Nemesis is a vengeful Valkyrie with the might of a goddess.

Judy Nicholas is an assistant curator of antiquities at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural history that one night discovered the body of her boss and fiancé, Dr. Tom Shepard after jewel thieves forced their way into the museum and killed him when he tried to stop them.

In her grief, Judy cried out for reprisal against the murderers, a prayer that the spirit of Nemesis, goddess of retribution and harsh justice who inhabited the ancient objects of battle in the room, answered. In order to grant Judy’s thirst for vengeance, she became the goddess’ Earthly avatar, and like Bravado she was changed into something more than human.

Armed with Nemesis’ godlike might and with her ancient battle weapons, Judy set out to quench her thirst with the bitter taste of blood, which would not be for the last time, as she now served as the living embodiment of Nemesis’ power, meeting out savage justice to those who would prey on others.

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